Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Invitation to YOU!

Dear You,

I wish you a very happy and joyful life. I also take this opportunity to congratulate you for “Being Human”.

When I say Human we, by default classify ourselves either as a Male or a Female. Right from our childhood through our science books we are taught the same classification. We are proud to be Male and we are proud to be Female. In our so called world the third gender does not exist. But you accept it or not, they do exist. My question to myself and now to you is…

“Are these third gender creatures, Human?”   And the answer is
Yes. Yes. Yes they are Human Being. But unfortunately we don’t treat them as Human Being.

Right now according to the census there are 4,80,000 third genders reported but according to the activist who work with transgender, claim that this figure is almost minimum three times bigger i.e approx 14,00,000. And the more shocking news is that the part of this population is between the age group 0 to 6. As we know that today these transgender hold no value in our society, the society dose not accept them as normal individual. We don’t offer them job or business opportunity. There are not treated with dignity and respect. But by doing so we are compromising on a very big human resource.

If this continues in future these people will never become independent and will be thrown in deeper darkness. Which may at some point of time will cause unrest in this community. If such a thing happens it will affect the well being of the entire society. As we know that transgender are used as prostitute and they are more likely to get affected by STD’s and HIV AIDS. In future a major part of population will get affected from this life threatening disease. The major junk of Indian population will remain uneducated and unemployed and will continue to live under poverty line. Such conditions are not favorable for overall development of the Country.
But if we as a society unite to make a difference we can convert these till now remained useless and unproductive human resource into a skilled, trained and productive human resource. We can make a huge difference in there life’s and also in the development of India. In future we shall one day see transgender as rickshaw/ taxi drives, Security persons, bus and truck drivers, food stall vendors and also if they are given equal opportunity of education we will have doctors, engineers, politicians, actors, police officers and all other field which are available as carriers.

I am committed to take the first step creating the future for them and I cannot do it alone. I choose to have people like you in my project who can lead and mentor me and make it a success.

Through this blog I am taking a Oath of making a difference in the world around me.  I invite you to join hands with me and be a part of the new beginning of a new revolution. If you decide to join this movement you will be contributing towards making this society a better place to live. You will partner in the process of developing India. You will be responsible for making a difference in the society in which we all live. You will raise your self to the level of Humanity. You will set new standards in your life. You will discover the powers that the almighty has blessed you with.

I Bhupesh Personally Invite You to be my Partner, Guide, Mentor, Leader, Participant, Volunteer and My Support system, to make this Dream Come True…

Mail me at:-  letswelcometg@gmail.com

Bhupesh Kode

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